Schoeman Trio builders is a family-owned and operated construction business. As such we strive to achieve the highest levels of customer service and commit our resources to achieve this. We understand the importance of creating a professional relationship with our potential homeowners and renovators, who in turn allow us to help them build their dream homes.

We understand that many of our clients are from all over South Africa and may not necessarily be on-site daily. As such they trust our professional team to continue with the quality workmanship and we make sure construction runs smoothly and that the schedule is maintained.

We strive to reduce financial stress.  To that end we understand that some clients may have strict budgets in place while other clients may have high-end home renovations or elaborate kitchen modifications with less budget restrictions.  By understanding the client’s needs we are better able to serve their construction needs.


I worked abroad for many years in the UK as a skilled paint contractor, after which I decided to return to South Africa and brought my skills with to start Kalahari Paint Services with my Father. Since 2006 we started building speculative houses for our clients.

A few years later we were joined by Johan and this was the start of Schoeman Trio Builders.

Johan worked as a planner, fitter and turner for Sishen Iron ore Mine (KUMBA), before joining the family to add his expertise for an even more professional and comprehensive service.

My dad was in the construction business, building banks, apartment blocks, and houses. With my father’s passing in 2016, Johan and I followed in his footsteps and resolved ourselves to grow his legacy by extending the construction business he helped create.

We saw the potential synergy of Kalahari Paint Services and moved it under the Schoeman Trio Umbrella, consolidating our resources and allowing us to further improve our customer service and delivery.

Enthusiasm and dedication drive us forward as we honour my father’s memory and the business we started together.

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